ESA Advise for safe use of treated seed

The protection of these seeds is performed according to an agreed industry quality standard. For your own safety and to protect the environment, the following precautions must be observed:

In general

Do not use treated seed for human or animal consumption or for processing.
Keep out of reach of children, livestock and wildlife. Handle seed packages carefully.
Avoid contact with skin and respiratory tract and wear suitable protective equipment during seed handling and equipment cleaning.
Wash hands and exposed skin before meals and after work.
Remove any seed spillages. Keep treated seeds away from surface water.

Before sowing

When opening seed bags and during filling or emptying of the sowing machine, avoid dust exposure.
Avoid transfer of dust from the seed bag into the sowing machine.
Do not treat the previously treated seeds with additional products.

At sowing outdoors

When using a pneumatic sowing machine, dust from treated seeds should be directed to the soil surface or into the soil through deflectors.
Sow at the recommended seeding rate. To protect birds and mammals, treated seeds must be covered by soil, also at row ends.

After sowing

Do not leave empty bags or left-over treated seed in the environment. Dispose of them according to local legislation.
Ensure that left over treated seed is returned to their original bags and do not use empty seed bags for other purposes.