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Meo Voto Seeds

Meo Voto Seeds Ltd is an international seed company specialized in varieties such as: onion, carrot, cauliflower and sweetcorn seeds. The breeding of these seeds takes place in Andijk as well as in foreign countries and in cooperation with other seed companies.

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Treatment of seeds

We deliver excellent standard seeds of our specialities, under EEC-label in our original packing. In many cases, Meo Voto standards are considerably higher than the official reguired regulations.

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Contact with Meo Voto Seeds

Kleingouw 126
1619 CJ Andijk
Questions? Contact us!
Mailing address:
Postbus 58
1619 ZH Andijk
Phone. (0031) 0228-591377
Fax. (0031) 0228-591384
E-mail: [email protected]

About Meo Voto Seeds

For seed growing, Meo Voto has her own seed growing companies in Hungary, Italy,France and in the USA. As Meo Voto is a major distributor to the industry, we expanded our range of products as well as the processing and handling of the seeds in the last couple of years.

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