Primaverde F1

Green cauliflower CMS-hybrid for springcrop. Not meant for summer or autumncrop. Gives a very upright planthabit with a nice darkgreen curd without hairyness or bracting. Will be at least 1 week earlier in harvest than all other wellknown varieties.

Sowingperiod: beginning october - half november for overwintering in nursery. Whole month of january

Plantingperiod: beginning of march - beginning of april

Harvestingperiod: end of may (± 80 days) - end of june (±75 days)


Vitaverde F1

Green cauliflower CMS-hybrid for late spring-, summer- and early autumncrop. First variety in green cauliflower that can be grown through summer wihout losing quality. No hairyness or bracting in summer. Nice vigourous plant.

Sowingperiod: half of januari - end of may

Plantingperiod: end of march - beginning of july

Harvestingperiod: half june (± 80 days) - half of september (±75 days)